baby friends

Emine has a friend named Marek who is 3 weeks younger than her. His mom is Czech and his dad is Turkish. They live here in Adana and Marek will speak English, Turkish, and Czech as he grows. His mom, Olga and I used to work together. She is a "real" English teacher, as opposed to me who sort of fell into it.

We went to visit them today, as they came to see us on New Years Eve. Marek is about as long as Emine but boy is he lighter than her! It was like picking up a feather. They basically ignored each other and definately didn't realize they there was another baby there. Emine did try to grab his ear with her razor talon fingernails, but didn't do any damage.

They both got cranky at the same time so our visit was short, but I can't wait until they can interact with each other! Baby talk is so cute.

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  1. Canım kusura bakma bloğumdan dolayı yorum yazmakta sorunlar yaşıyorum bu yüzden sana daha önce yazamadım..
    Kurabiyeleri beğenmene çok sevindim..
    Tabikii yayınlayabilirsin,çok sevinirim.
    Oğluşunada,sanada afiyet olsun canım..:))