The Magical 3 month mark

Everyone has been telling me that after 3 months, babies get easier. Well, as we have been approaching the 3 month mark, I can safely say that although some of Emine's mysteries have been revealed, I am discovering more every day.

For example, just a few days after reaching 12 weeks, she discovered a new sound. She surprised herself and everyone in the house when she screeched a sound that can only be described as a falcon attacking its prey. We were shocked, she was shocked, and then she quickly realized that that sound gets attention. Now it is her go-to sound. Super fun at 6am.

We had fallen into a very nice pattern of eat, play, sleep from about week 4. She set herself a bed-time of around 6:30 - 7:30 pm. I was happy to accomodate this, as it gave me time in the evenings to do what I need to do and she woke up early enough that we could play and spend time together in the mornings before I go to work. Over the last week that schedule has gone out the window. She has pretty much abandoned napping all together. Or, if she does nap, the 45 minute intruder shows up unless we are sleeping together on the bed, her in my arms. I thought we had grown out of that problem but it's back again.

But all the wonderful things are starting as well. She's been smiling since about 3 weeks, but now the giggles have come with it. She loves to sit up and does baby crunches if she is in her bouncy chair. She will bat at and try to grab objects hanging in front of her; her favorite is a panda that makes a very sweet jingling sound. Bathtime is getting more interesting for her, but she is not showing any interest in rolling in either direction. Tummy time is marginally more tolerable but she does still have a short fuse for it. She has disovered the joys of trying to eat her hand, and it is truely both sad and funny when she gets angry it doesn't fit in her mouth.

So here we are at that magical mark and I have to think maybe I was just lucky all along, and shouldn't expect things to get easier since they weren't terribly difficult before this point, especially compared to my friends who have struggled with colic and night time sleep problems. As long as Emoş keeps trucking along, hitting her milestones, and giving those giggles, I can handle night feeding, falcon attacks, and miss cranky pants (mostly when she hasn't pooped.)

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  1. 3 months is a milestone really, but deniz started rolling over at that time and now she stopped for examlpe and also some people say babies start sleeping through the night but there is no sign for that for us at almost 5 months:))))
    gas seemed to releive at 3 months now lats couple of days she has gas again. Very weird situations and babies are really unpredictable. I bought a book of Kim West the Sleep Lady , have you heard about her? Deniz doesnt like to nap at all, either.

  2. EmineYanindayim10 Ocak 2012 20:59

    I haven't heard of the sleep lady. Let me know if you figure anything out! I feel like Brinley would just sleep whenever and wherever she wanted, so I had no experience having to "put down" a baby for a nap.
    And sleeping through the night is like the mythical unicorn. I don't expect to see it any time soon.

  3. They say it happens one day:) i believe them:)))))) i believe in good things and ignore bad ones