Who will baby be?

I look at Emine and dream of her future. I see intelligence when I look in her eyes. I see independence and strength when I watch her play. At only 3 months old, how much of what personality she is expressing now will turn out to be true character traits? If she cries during clothing changes, that obviously can't mean she will hate to get dressed her whole life. But as she enjoys spending time by herself and playing on her own, I can see her as strong willed and focused as a toddler. She loves to listen and watch people talk. She contributes her own "words" to the conversation and often responds when you talk to her. I picture her in 1st grade, English ahead of the class, beautiful and bright. I see her going off to University and almost start crying. How can Americans let their children go so wild and free? I am finally starting to understand why Turks keep their children so close all their lives.

I want to enjoy this time, her newborn and infant months but I can't wait for her to be able to talk so she can tell me what she thinks and how she feels. I am so excited to see the pictures she draws, the letters she writes, and the books she chooses to read. I am so excited to watch her grow and  I can't wait to see the girl she becomes.

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  1. Denizinannesi5 Ocak 2012 01:08

    Deniz loves her diaper changed. Does this mean she likes to be naked down under all the time? :)
    It breaks my heart how I get annoyed when she constantly wants to be with me and when I hold her she smiles right away. They a tiring but precious. I try to see her future but can't pict anything, I just want her to be happy whatever she wants and also have a good conscience. I wish she can walk in others shoes once in a while.
    Do you know the song from Depeche Mode? Try walking in my shoes, you'd stumble in my footsteps.......
    I hope our babies will stand right up when they stumble and an invisible hand of ours will protect them whenever they need.

  2. EmineYanindayim5 Ocak 2012 19:30

    I tell my husband the qualities I want Emine to have: Compassion, kindness, empathy, generosity. I like your quote, thank you for sharing.