grow, baby, grow

I believe we are in the middle of the 3 month growth spurt here. On Friday, Emine jumped from drinking about 850 ml of formula a day to over 1000. Today she drank 1100. She is also super cranky and crabby. I swear she grew in inch over the weekend.
We are also still battling the 45 minute intruder. She hasn't had a nap longer than 45 minutes for over a week. The poor thing wakes up crying because she just wants to keep sleeping, and when she sticks that little bottom lip out it is just heartbreaking. I keep hearing different opinions about how to deal with this, but absolutly nothing I try works. And once she wakes up there is no getting her back down until the next nap time.
I realize that "sleep begets sleep" no longer applies now that she is not a newborn anymore. There is a limit of how much sleep she needs, and since she is getting so much at night, perhaps thats why she can't really nap. But that stretch at night is not nearly long enough to get her through the day, and she ends up a cranky mess. Here's hoping she grows out of it sooner rather than later.

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  1. Wow Deniz only drinks arounf 750 ml formula a day and to me it is too much.
    She takes 30 minutes naps couple of times a day only so you are good:)